Welcome to The Bell

Not too long ago, The Fairy Godfather landed in The Bell and, whoosh, on the spin and flick of his wand it was transformed into a pub ready for a ball!

We are delighted to welcome you back to your treasured pub, with a few twists. We'd love to see you so please join us for good food, beers, wine - and of course, some fun.

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Ales and Wines

Sourced from local brewers and other producers we think have got it "going on", we now have a stonking selection of ales, draft and bottled beers for you to relish. 

And for the wine-lovers, you can enjoy some sensational artisan wines made by people who truly care - and at reasonable prices. 

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Lunch and Dinner

The best bit? The Bell Burgers are back: tastier than ever and available 7 days a week, lunch AND dinner. 

There is a brand new carefully crafted burger menu as well as a lighter lunch menu for those who are resisting the temptation of a juicy, locally sourced burger with crispy bacon, oozing Brie... Ok, we'll stop - but get down here now!

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