Ales and Beers 

We are extremely proud to be able to off you a wide variety of ales. From the Greene King classics to the best of the smaller local breweries, there is something here for everyone. With our changing selection, We are continually learning about the ales and the wide variety of flavours on offer so we hope you that you will join us in our enthusiasm; all in the name of ale appreciation, of course. 

Our beers, both on tap and bottled, are an outstanding representation of the greatest from all over the world.  We look forward to showing you what is out there!

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Who else feels like they have put up with BAD wine in pubs for too long? No more we say!

We have the earthy Gran Cerdo Rioja, the elegant Life from Stone and not forgetting to mention the effortlessly cool Charles Smith collection. We have handpicked a selection of extraordinary wines that are made by people who take pride in creating quality products that people will love.  

Join the revolution! It tastes incredible. 


We believe...

  • People who love what they do and who strive to create excellent products, not just profit, should be supported. We don’t want a world without them.
  • Love thy neighbour. We source from local producers and celebrate the achievements of our community. It matters - who else are you going to borrow a cup of sugar from?
  • You all work hard and deserve to be rewarded with something that you can enjoy. That’s what we are here for – for the fun and relaxing times and making them count. 

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